Can You See This?


Three days ago I was chilling in my hotel room and expecting the bell boy to bring me my favorite red wine. I was worn out after an entire week of putting up shows in front of my webcam and cared for some piece and quiet. But the room service guy had a major crush for asian girls and things went different than expected.

He knocked on the door, gave me my order and instead of leaving he posted himself staring at my hot asian legs that were clearly visible through my outfit. I pretended not to understand and searched for some change, but he instantly grabbed my round butt cheeks and started slow touching my wet pussy, fingering me through my panties.

I gave him a punishing look but he knew I was bluffing. He took me in his arms, carried me to the bed and fucked me doggy style until he was cumm dry. Best room service i've ever had...

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